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About ME-
I am a female, my name is Julia Soulber and I currently live in New York. I began serious drawing in my high school years. My best friend first introduced me to photoshop my freshman year and ever since I have been using it. Buying my tablet was my first big move mainly because I have never bought anything so expensive before but I never regret it because it has helped me produce plently of great pieces.

About the Comic-
A journey taken by three sisters ends up deciding the faith of a kingdom.

The story takes place in Northern Canarus (a planet from a different universe). Canarus is huge and divided into four parts- North, South, East and West. The population here is mainly humans with of course a dash of centaurs, elves, trolls, nymphs, and a whole bunch of my friends. Everyone in this world has magical abilities that do of course vary.

The main character Nevera is a humele who is a decedent from an elemental- a creature that is made up purely from its element (this is described more in depth in chapter 1). She is a princess who later on finds out that her duty is to regain her kingdom.