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Nevera (Na-vera)
Nickname- Vera
The day Nevera was born, she was taken to the palace boarding school (where all the King's daughters were), taken care of and taught proper manners. She was in a way spoiled but at a price: she only saw her mother once a week and her father only visited once a month. Her stepsisters only competed against her, Nevera's only true friend was her younger sister Kylaria. Nevera never gained the love of her father (King Kenneth of Syria) and never did recover from this.

Nevera's pride is the only thing that stops her from making friends. However after seeing how hard people lived outside the "perfect palace life" she feels that she needs to reclaim her country in order to stop the King's tyranny and change everything around her. She is ambitious, insulted easily, loves to play with water, trusts no one but her family, and is very protective of her sisters... deep deep deep inside she really does care and want to help!

Kylaria (Ki-la-rea)
Nickname- Kyla
Kylaria grew up with her older sister Nevera, they look after each other and at times start arguments over small things but that never breaks them apart. Kylaria makes friends with everyone but loves to stay on top. She has a friendly, carefree attitude... her one rule- dress as best as you can. But don't let that fool you, she does do her share of chores and is just as smart and strong as her older sister.

Nickname- Vickie
She was named Victoria because her mom believed that she would bring victory to the family, as God's lucky number is three and Vickie is the third sister. Victoria knows more than people think she does. Although she is the youngest she has a rough personality, there is really no visible reason for this it is just the way she grew up. Victoria feels constantly left out, since Nevera and Kylaria are so close together she feels lost around their conversations. But when the time comes she brings them closer together. She is the one thing that holds the entire family together, but she never does realize it.

Mother to Nevera, Kylaria